IRCTC Online Reservation Chart

IRCTC online reservation chart

In IRCTC Online Reservation chart, first question comes to your mind is that What is a train reservation chart, and what information does it have? and what are the different status of train chart prepration.

In this article, webshlok will help you understand about IRCTC online reservation chart and status of train chart prepration. So please read this article; it will give you helpful knowledge so that next time you can easily check IRCTC online reservation chart and check easily check your seat it is weather confirmed or not.

The online reservation chart contain approved list of passengers, as well as their seat or berth number and coach number, in which they are travelling. If you look for the right train number, it’s easy to find the right chart for your train. For the passengers’ comfort, the train numbers are in bold and can be seen from a long way away. Before getting on the train, most people look through the whole list of charts to see if they are confirmed.

If you’ve ever taken a train trip, you’ve probably seen people in the station checking the train reservation list to see if their tickets are confirmed. Most of the time, the ticket charts are pasted near the doors of each train car. The charts are also pasted to the boards at train stations.

As part of its Green Initiative, the Indian Railways has chosen to stop using paper charts and instead focus on electronic ones. On the IRCTC website, passengers can also look at the reservation list for trains. The IRCTC reservation maps show a full picture of how the train is set up, how many seats are taken, and more.

At the time of charting, they send the passenger ticket information via SMS. Also, there is an IVRS service. Passengers can call the helpline number 139 to find out the state of their tickets in real-time. The IRCTC chart vacancy shows the full plan of a train and a list of all the empty seats.

Status of Train Chart Preparation

Online reservation Chart Prepared:

When the train chart says “Chart prepared,” it means that the final list of people who will be getting on the train has been made.

Online reservation Chart not prepared:

When the charting status is “Chart not prepared,” it means that the waitlisted tickets could be changed.

Train reservation chart preparation:

Most of the time, the railway plan is ready four hours before the train is supposed to leave. Before the train left, 30 minutes before it left, the second and last maps would also be made. So, if there are empty seats, passengers can make reservations for them online or at train reservation counters. The time it takes to make the final chart changes for morning, evening, and midnight trains.

Online reservation chart for Morning trains:

For trains that leave between midnight and 11 a.m., the tracking is usually done at 8 p.m. the day before.

Online reservation chart for Evening trains:

Trains are charted 3–4 hours before they are supposed to leave.

Online reservation chart for Midnight trains:

For midnight trains, IRCTC charts are usually made before the end of business the day before, which is 8 p.m.

Current Reservation:

Then, there is a current reservation system where passengers can book their tickets on the day of travel, a few hours before the train leaves. If there are still empty seats after the final chart is made, the trains let people book them based on what’s available at the time. The building has space for people to stay in rooms that are empty after charting because of last-minute cancellations.

Indian Railways is going green.

People on the waitlist and those with RAC eagerly look at the charts to see their ticket status. Once they’re sure, they’ll come out with a big smile and tell their close friends and family. All of that worry goes away in no time! But offline reservation plans don’t exist anymore! As part of the Green Initiative, the Indian Railways will no longer use paper as of March 2018. So, the railroads stopped putting charts on the reserved seats of all trains at all A1, A, and B stops


The IRCTC online chart facility allows passengers to view the final reservation chart for a train before boarding the train. The reservation chart contains information such as the coach number, seat number, and passenger name.

To access the online Reservation chart facility, passengers need to log in to their IRCTC account, click on the "Booked Tickets" option, select the ticket for which they want to view the chart, and click on the "Get Train Chart" button.

The online chart facility is available for all trains, except for those that start early in the morning or late at night.

No, passengers cannot view the chart offline. They need to log in to their IRCTC account and view the chart online.

No, passengers cannot change their seat or coach after viewing the chart online. They can only view the chart to confirm their seat and coach number.

If your name is not on the chart, you should contact the station master or the ticket collector for assistance.

Yes, the online chart facility is free of cost for all IRCTC users.

The online reservation chart facility helps passengers to confirm their seat and coach number before boarding the train, thus avoiding any confusion or last-minute rush at the station. It makes the train journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

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